Why Choose Us

Services with high standards

All allergy services provided meet the highest International Standards as set out by World Allergy Organisation and other international organizations including EAACI. ALLSA, BSACI

Comprehensive Testing

Comprehensive allergy testing for the common relevant (tropical or temperate – depending on the patient) environmental (airborne) allergens and dietary (food related) allergens, customized for each patient.

Specific Testing

Specific allergy testing for drug allergies, heavy metal allergies, cosmetic allergies and insect reactions

Tailored Treatments

Tailored treatment regimes for the allergic diseases using conventional drug therapies

Patient Education

Comprehensive patient education about allergen avoidance measures are provided including patient information leaflets

Allergen Specific Immunotherapy

Allergen –specific immunotherapy (desensitization/allergy shots) for patients requiring this form of therapy. Alters the body’s reaction to allergens from an ‘allergic antibody reaction’ to a normal immune reaction, with long lasting results

Life Savers

Emergency life saving treatment prescription and training

Follow Ups

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