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Dry Itchy Skin
Persistent Scratching

1 out of 3 infants and young children with eczema have underlying food allergies and may benefit from a diet or other form of avoidance. Persistent symptoms demand an allergy test and special diets should only be conducted under specialist guidance. Many patients also benefit from aeroallergen control too.

Rhinitis / Sinusitis



Nasal Congestion
Sneezing and nasal discharge
Itching eyes and nose
Cough, fatigue and hearing loss
Snoring and breathing difficulties while sleeping

Up to 7 out of 10 children with rhinitis are allergic and benefit from skin allergy test.

Asthma / Wheeze



Noisy Breathing and Wheezing
Night cough
Exercise induced cough

1 out of 3 preschool, and 2 out of 3 school children with recurent wheezing/ coughing are allergic and require skin allergy testing to know the cause.

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